2023 / 2024 Supply List

  • LABEL ALL SUPPLIES with student’s name – including lunchboxes, jackets, and backpacks in ALL grade levels.
  • COVER ALL BOOKS securely in paper. Cloth book covers may only be used over paper covers.
  • NO Liquid Paper, White-Out or any item containing harmful solvents or CFCs are permitted in school.
  • NO HANDHELD PERSONAL PENCIL SHARPENERS.  Each classroom is equipped with a pencil sharpener for student use.

While this list is intended to be as complete as possible for each grade level, other supplies may be needed during the year for special projects.

INCARNATION ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK is required for ALL students in GRADES 3-8.  The cost is included in your grade level Activity Fee.  Books are distributed by homeroom teachers.

Donations of PAPER TOWELS, DISINFECTING WIPES and TISSUES are needed for the CLINIC, ART ROOM, LIBRARY, and MUSIC ROOMS throughout the year. These items can be donated at any time by delivering to the school office. Please indicate where you would like your donation to go if you have a preference.


SCIENCE LAB: Batteries (size AA or C); Q-Tips; Salt; Baking powder; Potting soil; Liquid glue; Toothpicks; Non-latex gloves in various sizes; Sandwich, quart, or gallon Ziploc bags; Dixie paper cups; Larger clear plastic cups; 9 or 12 inch balloons

ART ROOM: Fine and ultra-fine point black permanent markers; liquid glue bottles; pencils; glue sticks; gallon size Ziploc bags; paint brushes; 6” paper plates.

LIBRARY: Glue sticks; colored pencils; pencils; crayons, Lysol wipes, tissues

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