6th Grade

The sixth grade is a stellar year at Incarnation! As we prepare the students for junior high, they are exposed to a plethora of exciting topics.

The primary emphasis in sixth grade religion is to gain insights into our Christian beliefs and traditions through an exploration of the Old Testament.  This year the students will learn about many Old Testament figures, about God’s covenant of love with humankind, and how God continues to reveal himself in everyday life.  The covenant with Abraham and Sarah, the role of Moses in the Exodus of the Israelites, the gift of the Ten Commandments, and the calling of the prophets are some of the major topics that will be covered.

Preparation for Confirmation now begins in sixth grade.

Our Lady of Light Family of Parishes provides the reception of the sacraments. 
Students preparing for Confirmation will receive formation from the Our Lady of Light Family of Parishes, as the parish is responsible for administrating the sacraments to all students.


Because excellent reading comprehension is crucial, we emphasize this skill across the curriculum and especially in reading class. Teachers assess individual reading abilities at the beginning and periodically through the year. In order to grow to the next level in reading, students read a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts that they select as well as works selected by the teacher. We engage in activities geared towards increasing comprehension, vocabulary, silent and oral fluency, and high level analysis and application of literary terms. Our final goal is to instill in our students a lifelong love of reading.

Excellent reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills are essential for our students, enabling them to contribute to the world as well-educated communicators.  While all these skills are integrated in both English and reading classes, in English the emphasis is on writing, the mechanics of composition, and grammar usage and vocabulary.

And in math the students are captivated with a variety of topics from geometry to basic algebraic concepts

  • All operations with fractions, decimals and percent
  • Operations including integers, real numbers, and rational numbers
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Solving equations with one unknown variable
  • Geometry including perimeter, circumference, area, two and three dimensional objects, and graphing polygons and reflections
  • Statistics and probability

The sixth grade curriculum offers an in-depth exploration of the Life Sciences.  Students will embark in learning experiences covering cells, microscopes, genetics, animal adaptations, and much more. The third quarter focuses on Health where students will learn three body systems and participate in the Project Alert program.

The sixth grade year focuses on the study of ancient eastern civilizations through the Middle Ages. Students will analyze each civilization’s government, religion, language, social classes, art and architecture, writing, agricultural practices, and economic interests.  In addition, the students will refresh their geometry, economics, and government skills through a series of hands-on simulations, activities, and lessons.

Once a week students have art, music elective (general music, band, or orchestra), and computer class.  Twice a week students have physical education and a foreign language elective (Spanish, French, or German).

MUSE Machine, Dayton Philharmonic, Organization Boot Camp, Seder Meal, Cincinnati Zoo, Frog Dissection, Greek Olympics, Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Junior Optimist Club, SEMEDs field trip, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Nativity field trip, Turkey Trot, Bunny Hop, Career Fair, Kindness Retreat, China Kites