8th Grade

We continue to offer a variety of prayer experiences, service experiences, weekly Mass participation, and begin to offer more in depth leadership opportunities during the 8th grade year. Furthermore, we understand the 8th grade year will be the final year at Incarnation, so we want to equip our students with practical applications of their faith. We accomplish this by covering topics such as morality, social justice, and the 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. We also see the implications of past events on our current faith by studying Church History.   

Students will read a variety of literary pieces to enhance their knowledge of textual constructs and to widen their exposure to different types of literature. Students will think critically, work creatively as teams and individually, and discuss intellectually in order to deepen their knowledge of the text currently being read. Throughout the year, the students will develop, refine, and continue to hone many different skills that will make them successful students in 8th grade and in high school. A few of the aforementioned skills include: reading accurately and attentively, creative thinking, analyzing, crafting a written response based incorporating MLA format, utilizing textual evidence to substantiate their position on a text, thinking about “the big picture” –broadening the scope of their analysis, and independently thinking and arriving at conclusions using one’s understanding of the text. The course incorporates independent work, whole class discussion, small group discussion, projects, and a slew of other things.

This course is designed to build on knowledge and skills acquired in earlier grades but in more sophisticated ways such as enhancing skills of the language, structure, and rhetoric of text; completing more complex writing assignments; reading and analyzing a range of literary mentor texts in order to identify different writing styles; delivering more extensive oral presentations; and participating in a variety of conversations and collaborations with peers. The distinct areas of grammar usage, mechanics, vocabulary, and spelling receive explicit instruction that are integrated within the writing assignments throughout the year.

The 8th grade offers students 3 math levels: Pre-algebra, Algebra, and Geometry.

The Pre-Algebra class explores the fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry including equation solving, functions, exponential functions, congruence, similarity, transformations, and the Pythagorean Theorem.

The Algebra course dives deeply into linear, exponential, and quadratic systems gaining high school credit upon conclusion.

The Geometry class covers the complete High School Geometry course including triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, congruence, similarity, trigonometry, and proofs, and also results in High School credit. 

In the 8th Grade we will be studying Physical Science by studying and experimenting with forces and motion within, on, and around the Earth, and within the universe, the properties of matter, classification of the different types of energy forms, conservation of mass, and focusing on the periodic table of elements.  7th and 8th Grade students also develop a proficiency in implementation of the scientific method with the opportunity to participate in the science fair at the school, regional, and state levels.

8th grade students explore the five themes of social studies (culture, economics, geography, government, and historical perspective) as they study America.  Writing, projects, performances, class discussion, note-taking, field trips, videos, music, research, and maps etc. are used in their exploration of the time period that starts with America’s global expansion prior to World War I through the Vietnam War.  Students will also spend a semester focusing on American government with an emphasis on current people and events. 

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade World Language Program includes French, German and Spanish. Students are encouraged to study the language that most interests them. 6th graders attend class 2 times a week. The Junior High program provides daily, comprehensive instruction equivalent to Level I at secondary schools. Upon completion, qualified students are able to continue to Level II as they enter their freshman year in high school. Our program exposes students to foreign culture, cuisine, conversation, and grammar as the exciting activities, lessons and field trips facilitate an environment rich in global diversity and a passport to lingual fluency.


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