Incarnation Catholic School Visual Art Program

“Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” -Pablo Picasso

I am honored to be the art teacher here at Incarnation School! Every child in grade first through sixth have Art once a week for 40 minutes throughout the school year. Once students enter seventh and eighth grade, they have the option to choose art as an elective course for 1 semester. My goal is to get students excited to learn new things and create. Students throughout their art curriculum will have the opportunity to work with various art mediums. Students will use materials such as drawing, painting (watercolor, tempera, acrylic), printmaking, collage, and clay. Students will focus on the Elements of Art and Design and how to incorporate them within their artwork. Along with a variety of materials, students will also learn about various artists and their contribution/ style in art history. Students will also acquire skills on how to successfully work with others in a studio setting. Buildable skills such as proper care of art materials, clean up, and creative problem solving will all be experienced in my class. My hope is that all students feel inspired to create in a safe learning environment that encourages them to try new things and strengthen their confidence in their ability to make art!