2nd Grade

Students in the second grade should have approximately 20 minutes of homework each night. Parents are encouraged to help with practicing spelling words and basic math facts. Students are required to complete one book report each month starting in October and ending in April.

During the Second Grade year, your child will study the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and the Eucharist.  He/She will be instructed in the parts of the Mass and participation in the Mass ceremony.  Holy days and liturgical seasons will also be explored.  The following prayers will be memorized:

  • First Quarter:
    • The Sign of the Cross
  • Second Quarter
    • Act of Contrition
  • Third Quarter
    • Our Father
  • Fourth Quarter
    • Hail Mary
Our Lady of Light Family of Parishes provides the reception of the sacraments. 
Students attending Incarnation School will receive some sacramental preparation from the school. However, they will also receive formation from the Our Lady of Light Family of Parishes, as the parish is responsible for administrating the sacraments to all students.

Students work with the Orton-Gillingham program for spelling and phonics. Orton-Gillingham is a research based, solid phonics approach that is multi-sensory, systematic, structured, sequential, cumulative and success-oriented. Cursive is taught after the Christmas break.

The second grade reading program comes from the Journeys series. In this program, students are exposed to many different types of genres that come from several award-winning texts.

English skills covered include parts of speech, subjects, predicates, complete sentences, run-on sentences, and punctuation.

Children learn about addition and subtraction of two- and three-digit numbers, regrouping, number patterns, place value to 1,000, money, data analysis, time, measurement, and geometry. Students are also exposed to beginning concepts of multiplication and division. Timed tests on basic addition and subtraction facts are given twice each week.

Students explore the concepts of the scientific concepts of insects, personal safety, magnetic forces, recycling, renewable/non-renewable resources, physical change, teeth, skin, motion, sound, vision and hearing using various experiments and hands-on activities.

Students study great figures in American history, concepts of map and globe skills, communities, important people and events in history, other cultures, and landforms.  Hands-on activities and literature are combined for real-life learning.

Students have class once each week for music, art, library, computer, and Spanish. PE class is taught twice each week

Field Trips to the Centerville Government Center and Police Station, Victoria Theater, Montgomery County Waste District and Cincinnati Zoo; Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Sacramental Celebrations; Field Day; Advent Retreat; Muse Machine; Physical Education and Music Performance