Early Fives through 4th Grade


Our exploratory program is an introduction to the Spanish language. We work to develop the four language skills of speaking, listening, basic reading and writing as well as an appreciation of Hispanic culture. A multi sensory approach is employed to involve each student while covering basic vocabulary, Spanish pronunciations and culture.
Students in Early Fives through Third grade have Spanish once a week. Fourth graders attend Spanish twice weekly.

5th Grade

Spanish and French

The Exploratory Spanish and French Programs are an introduction to the French language and culture. In Fifth grade, exploratory students are exposed to basic conversational vocabulary, customs, and traditions of Spanish and French speaking countries. Connections are often made to the students’ core curriculum. The knowledge and skills acquired in Exploratory Spanish and French provide students with a global awareness and interest in continued study of foreign language. Students in Fifth grade attend classes twice a week.

Sixth through Eighth Grades

Spanish, French or German

The 6th , 7th , and 8th grade World Language Program includes a choice of French, German and Spanish. Students are encouraged to study the language that most interests them and they continue one language for three years. Our program provides daily, comprehensive instruction equivalent to Level I at secondary schools. Upon completion, qualified students are able to continue to Level II or Level III as they enter their freshman year in high school. Our program exposes students to foreign culture, cuisine, conversation, and grammar as the exciting activities, lessons, and field trips facilitate an environment rich in global diversity and a passport to lingual fluency.

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