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Early Fives Program

The Early Fives program is a planned part of the total educational program at Incarnation School, and it provides a foundation for further learning. The program is designed to offer children positive academic experiences as they prepare to enter Kindergarten.


The goals of the Early Fives program are to help the children:
• learn about life through very basic religion instruction;
• learn to work and socialize in a classroom environment;
• improve large and fine motor skills;
• develop beginning listening skills;
• experience learning situations that will allow them to experiment, explore and stimulate their creativity;
• establish a positive foundation for academic learning.


The Early Fives Program at Incarnation School meets and exceeds the standards set by the State of Ohio and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The curriculum has been established according to early childhood guidelines.

An integrated Pre-Kindergarten curriculum encompasses language arts, math, social studies, and science. The religion program is titled CHRIST JESUS, THE WAY by Benziger. The religion curriculum invites children to experience and reflect on the love of God through their families, friends, and the environment.

Art projects are done several times a week. The art experience enhances and enriches the theme and/or the literature of the day. A variety of art supplies is used to encourage originality and individual creativity. Music is a daily part of the Early Fives program. The children are exposed to simple songs and finger plays which reinforce everyday themes. Sensorimotor activities incorporate physical education with music.

Early Fives have a snack each day. Every child brings a healthy snack to school that complies with the primary department snack policy. Newsletters are sent home weekly to keep parents abreast of classroom activities.