Physical Education

Our Physical Education program provides standards-based learning opportunities, age- and developmentally-appropriate instruction, meaningful content, and ongoing assessment. The skills, knowledge, and behaviors learned in PE help students establish and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. PE also teaches students positive socialization skills that include cooperative behaviors, fair play, and being a good sport.  Teamwork, honesty, loyalty, and self-control are all components students learn and work on in the PE program. PE also allows students to improve their communication and social skills, as well as learn how to identify and manage their emotions.

Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade

The focus for the lower grades is mainly on fundamental movement skills.  Once fundamental skills are refined, students are introduced to specialized movement skills.

Fundamental skills include:

  • Locomotion skills (walking, running, leaping, jumping, hopping, climbing, galloping, sliding, and skipping)
  • Manipulation skills (ball rolling, throwing, kicking, punting, striking, volleying, bouncing, catching, and trapping)
  • Stability skills (bending, stretching, twisting, turning, upright balances, inverted balances, rolling, starting, stopping, and dodging)
  • Perceptual-motor skills (body awareness, space awareness, directional awareness, rhythm, and sequence.

Specialized movement skills relate to skills needed for sports like football, basketball, hockey, baseball, racket games, track and field, etc.

Third through Fifth Grade

The focus for this age group is to continue to build upon the above fundamental movement skills and introduce new specialized movement skills.  The students are exposed to both individual, team sports and games during which they can practice basic skills and use more specialized skills that they have learned. Students learn rules and guidelines for multiple sports and games. Teamwork and good sportsmanship are taught and reinforced regularly. Fitness is discussed, and students begin to learn basic fitness knowledge they will continue to build on at Incarnation.

Grades Six through Eight

The Junior High Physical Education program seeks to encourage students to develop life-long involvement in physical activities. To increase student involvement, a positive atmosphere is created for students to engage in games and activities based on cooperation, not competition. The students are exposed to a variety of games, activities, and movement experiences, designed to improve motor skills and muscle control. Specialized movements learned in previous years are used to challenge students in games and sports both as a team and individually. Fitness knowledge is expanded as students are exposed to ways, they can improve their strength and cardiovascular endurance. Teamwork and good sportsmanship are reinforced. The wide variety of activities helps each student find something that appeals to them during the school year.

8th grade elective options

PE: Open Gym

This Physical Education class gives the students a guided free choice opportunity. The students will choose their activities and games according to the other students’ ideas. Students will use the gym and outside facilities along with equipment. The teacher will facilitate the activities and the students will participate in friendly competition and continue the spirit of sportsmanship.

PE:  Leadership and Wellness

This Physical Education Class provides students with the opportunity to participate in a program that focuses on the art of leadership, as well as being introduced to multiple aspects of wellness. Students will discuss what wellness means to them, learn the various aspects of wellness including spiritual, social, emotional, and physical wellness, and be introduced to meditation/quiet time and learn its benefits.  Guest speakers will talk to students about their leadership roles within the church and community.  Students will also collaborate with other 8th grade students and implement activity plans for younger students along with planning and participating in activities for the school as a whole.