News From the Clinic

School Environment:

  • During this unprecedented time, we are preparing our school environment differently.  Due to the current concern from the covid-19 outbreaks, our students are required to wear a mask in the building except when eating or drinking.  Cleaning of our building will occur throughout the day.
  • Hand washing remains an important part of defense against germs.  We continue to stress the importance of washing our hands often.
  • We are changing processes to keep our students as close to 6 feet apart as possible.  Markings have been placed on the floor as reminders to keep a safe distance from others.  Our goal continues to be to have our students in the school building, receiving face to face instruction while keeping them safe.
  • A separated area in the clinic is designated for quarantine purposes.
  • The clinic is located directly across from the front door.  This decreases the risk of infection to spread to others when ill students are sent home.

Health Issue:

  • Please notify the School Nurse if your child has a health issue that may complicate their school day.  There is additional paperwork to be completed for students that have allergies, diabetes, seizures, asthma, or other health concerns.  These forms can be found on the portal or provided to you by the School Nurse.


  • Each clinic visit is documented.  Parents are notified when deemed necessary.
  • Accident reports are completed for severe injuries.
  • Immunization compliance is monitored according to state regulations.
  • Illnesses are tracked to monitor trends.  When calling or logging your student’s absence, please share with us the symptoms to better track a potential outbreak.
  • Specific teaching programs are presented as needed and/or requested.


Please contact the School Nurse if you have concerns or suggestions to help your child have a successful school experience.


Reported by:


Ann Woeste, RN

School Nurse