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Our School Clinic

Our School Clinic is open during regular school hours.  The School Nurse is here to help your children with their first aid needs, physical discomforts, emotional upsets, and emergent situations.

The clinic is covered with a full time School Nurse and volunteers during the lunch and recess hours.  Our goal is to help your children stay healthy with hand washing and healthy habits to help them be attentive and ready to learn.

We want to get to know your child. Please notify the School Nurse if your child has a health concern that may complicate their school day.  There is additional paperwork to be completed for students that have allergies, diabetes, seizures, asthma, or other health challenges.  These forms can be found on the portal or provided to you by the School Nurse.

Illnesses are tracked to monitor trends.  When calling or logging your child’s absence, please share with us the symptoms to better track a potential outbreak.

Our School Clinic does monitor immunization compliance according to state regulations.

Please contact the School Nurse if you have concerns or suggestions to help your child have a successful school experience.  We are very excited to have your children trusted to our care.


Ann Woeste, RN

Licensed School Nurse

(937) 433-1051 ext. 102