School – Academics – Technology Program


Our Technology Mission at Incarnation School is to integrate programs that prepare students for a technologically changing world. Through active, hands-on learning students will acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to gather, integrate, analyze and apply information and ideas across all curriculums. In keeping with the mission of Catholic schools to promote values for a lifetime, the school will monitor, instruct about, and guard against inappropriate, unethical, and illegal use of technology by the student or adult user.

Our Vision is an acquisition of knowledge in a networked environment will provide continuous, dynamic interaction among students, educators, parents, and the global community.

Beginning the school year 2010-11, we expanded our keyboarding curriculum grade 3-8. The program is self paced, individualized and encourages a solid foundation of the home row, correct fingering and ergonomics. Once students have mastered the keys they will work to build their accuracy and speed to reach a final goal of 40+ wpm. Students in grades 4-8 will receive a grade each semester for keyboarding based on their score and effort. .

The students, Early 5’s through 8th grade are learning the technology skills integrated into the grade level curriculum as set by the ISTE and NSTE. At the end of the year, we will send home a record of the technology skills students have been introduced to or mastered in that year. A snapshot of the integrated skills by level is as follows:

    • Primary – Grades E5-2: students are developing basic computer skills, exploring information through multimedia games on CD-ROM, and basic word processing documents.
    • Intermediate – Grades 3-5: students are exploring the safe use of and surfing on the internet with direction. They are also using Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel to enhance their learning.
    • Middle/Jr. High – Grades 6-8: students are using a variety of technology (computers, camcorders, video-editing equipment, video and audio equipment) to create multi-media presentations and podcasts. They will review advanced web researching skills, fair use standards and safe use of social networking sites. They will also learn advanced skills in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Students who complete the keyboarding program and have reached 40+ wpm goal, will work independently on advanced computer skills.