Preschool 4’s through Grade 8


Incarnation School is dedicated to providing a quality Catholic education to families at a fair and equitable tuition rate. Under the guidance of our pastor, Fr. Brian Phelps, the Incarnation Finance Committee works very hard to keep the tuition as low as possible for families.  Teachers and administrators are vigilant about all expenses, and annually receive grants that bring additional money and innovative curricular programs to the school community.   The Parish supports the school by providing funding from the weekly collections that keeps the tuition rate as low as possible.

The parishioner tuition rates are based on the total instructional and operational costs for the school with the expectation of active participation of the parish families.  To be considered a parishioner of Our Lady of Light Parish Family, Catholics must register with the Incarnation Parish Office or St. Francis of Assisi Parish Office and must not be registered members of another local Catholic parish.  In order to receive the most benefit from parish membership, Catholics should participate in our weekly Mass celebration, provide talents that enhance the loving community of our church, and we ask that they contribute at least $600 annually or $50 per month as an average.  When space is available, we welcome families from outside the Our Lady of Light Parish Family community.

1 Child
2 Children
3 Children
4 Children
5 Children
Potential Tuition Additions
Kindergarten Fee

per student (annual) – in addition to tuition above

Early Childhood Full Day Option

per student (annual) – in addition to tuition above


When space is available, we welcome families from outside the Our Lady of Light Parish Family community.  Families whose status does not match that listed in #1 above are considered “non-parishioner”.  No multi-student discount is available for non-parishioner families.

1 Child
2 Children
3 Children
Kindergarten Fee

per student (annual)- in addition to tuition above

Early Childhood Full Day Option

per student (annual) – in addition to tuition above


Technology Fees

A per student Technology Fee is added to the tuition total and included in your FACTS statement.  The technology fee is billed as a separate amount because this money is specifically dedicated for technology.  While this fee certainly does not cover all technology expenses, it does provide Incarnation School with the resources to maintain and upgrade the school’s technology.  The fee includes technology expenses specific to our one-to-one student technology access.

Activity Fees

The Activity Fee covers all field trips, homeroom fees, workbooks, and special programs and projects.  Activity fees are billed with your tuition and included in your FACTS statement.

Preschool 4's - Kindergarten
$270per student
  • $150 - Technology
  • $120 - Activity
Grades 1 -4
$290per student
  • $150 - Technology
  • $140 - Activity
Grades 5 - 8
$375per student
  • $225 - Technology
  • $150 - Activity

Tuition Payment Options

Timely tuition payments and support of the school community are expectations for continued enrollment at Incarnation School.   Tuition and fees are paid through the FACTS Tuition Management program.  All families must have an active FACTS tuition payment account by June 1 of each year, or within two weeks of acceptance if registering after June 1, to be considered registered for Incarnation School.  Families have the option to pay in full by June 30 or participate in the ten-month payment program.  Students entering after the first day of school are required to have an active FACTS account with all fees and the first month’s tuition paid before the first day of attendance.  See below for late admission adjustments to tuition and fees.

Tuition rates are based on parishioner status as of March 15 each year or date of school registration, whichever is later.  Any change in parishioner status after March 15, 2023 must be communicated by the parents to the school registrar no later than May 15, 2023 to receive the parish tuition rate for the 2023-24 school year.  Tuition rates for families changing status after May 15, 2023 will be adjusted for the 2024-25 school year.  No retroactive discounts will be given.

Financial Aid

A limited financial assistance fund is provided through the generosity of Incarnation Parish.  Families who have been registered active parishioners of Incarnation Parish for at least one year are eligible to apply for financial assistance.  All applications for assistance must be completed online through the FACTS payment program.  Our Pastor, Fr. Brian, will make final determination of tuition aid.

Early Withdrawal/Late Admission

Families withdrawing from school before December 15th will be credited a quarterly prorated amount for tuition.  No credits will be given for withdrawals after December 15th of the current school year.  Final assessment may be billed based on the date of student withdrawal.  All assessments are due before school records will be forwarded.  Tuition for students admitted during the school year will be charged on a quarterly basis.  Fees, including Extended Day Program fees, are not prorated and are not refundable.

New student entry during the school year will be at the beginning of each quarter whenever possible.  Please contact the registrar for specific dates.

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Business Manager

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