Incarnation Uniform Policy

Why a uniform?  Students’ proclamation of self comes through actions and words rather than through clothing fads of the times.  Also, this is the fourth general precept under Incarnation’s Code of Conduct.  The policy for uniforms at Incarnation School is supported by the Incarnation Administrative Team, Teachers, the Commission on Education, and the PTO Board.  Students in ALL grades (Preschool 4’s through Eighth) are expected to follow the Incarnation School dress code policy and parents are expected to provide the needed impetus for successful compliance.  A student who deliberately does not comply with the dress code will receive a detention and parents will be contacted.  Continued disregard of the dress code policy could result in suspension or expulsion.  Final decisions will be made by the Administration. 

Where are uniforms purchased?  Uniform shirts, sweatshirts and spirit wear may be purchased from our approved uniform supplier, The Spirit In You. Uniforms may also be purchased from Lands’ End.  If ordering from Lands’ End, please use Incarnation’s School Code (# 9000-5690-4) to be sure only approved items / appropriate logos are ordered.

All clothing should be clean and in good condition with no rips, tears, holes or stains, including out of uniform days.

Where to Purchase

Incarnation’s Preferred School Code:  900056904

Approved PLAID jumper and skirt for all grades may be ordered from Lands’ End and must be no more than six inches above the knee. (NO navy blue skirts or jumpers.)  Navy blue uniform shorts or navy blue bicycle shorts or leggings should be worn under the jumper or skirt.  Shorts may not be longer than the jumper or skirt.  From November 1 through April 1, girls wearing jumpers or skirts must wear leggings or tights under them for warmth.

Special Circumstances:

DRESS UP DAYS / CASUAL DAYS / SPIRIT DAYS / SPECIAL CLUBS:  Casual pants, including jeans and cargo pants, may be worn on Casual Day; any skinny pants or other tight pants may only be worn with a tunic length top.  Shorts and skirts must be no more than six inches from the kneecap.  Dress shoes and sandals (without socks) are permitted.  For safety, students may not wear flip flops.  Tank tops, crop tops, midriff tops, low cut tops, tops with spaghetti straps, no straps, or low slung pants are not acceptable attire for Dress up or Casual Days.  If clothing worn to school is deemed inappropriate by the School Administration, parents may be called and/or used uniforms (washed and kept in the Nurse’s office for this and other purposes!) may replace the inappropriate clothing.

SPIRIT DAYS:  An Incarnation Spirit shirt may be worn on designated Spirit Days with uniform pants or shorts.  Two types of shirts may be worn to show school pride:  1) Spirit Wear T-shirts with the Incarnation logo or Crusader logo; and 2) Any solid green or solid gold (or blend of both) short or long sleeved T-shirts.  Students may wear their Incarnation sport jerseys only if it is labeled in some manner with Incarnation School or Incarnation Crusaders.

SPECIAL CLUBS AND TEAMS:  Boy and Girl Scout Uniforms may be worn on meeting days.  Other Incarnation Club shirts, Incarnation Team shirts and Incarnation Sports shirts may be worn on designated days coinciding with Competitions or Special Events with advance permission and approval of the Administration and Grade Level Teachers.

MASKS:  Based on guidance from Dayton and Montgomery County Public Health, students may wear masks in school.  Masks may not have extreme styles, decorations, or wording.  Any messages or images on the masks must align with our Catholic faith.  If masks are mandated by a government agency, Incarnation School must comply.