School – Academics – Library and Media Center


The Incarnation Library and Media Center is located in the Elementary area of Incarnation School. The Library has approximately 20,000 titles as well as numerous reference manuals, videos, and cassettes. The library uses the Destiny system for our card catalog system. Students are encouraged to access their titles utilizing this computer system. The library also offers the Accelerated Reader program for students and teachers. Students in grades three through eight have the opportunity to take accelerated reader quizzes during their library time or on their own time. The data base of tests has tripled over the past five years. Listed below are the current activities of the Incarnation Library and Media Center.

Visits to the Library

Grades pre-K through 5 visit the library once a week and stay for a half hour. A story is read to grades pre-K through 4 and then the students have time to select books to take home.
Grades 6 through 8 are scheduled to visit the library every other week.
Any student is welcome to come to the library before or after school or during a study hall provided they have permission from their teacher.

Checking out books

Grades pre-K through 1 may check out one book at a time. Grades 2 through 8 may check out up to 2 books. As long as they bring one of the books back they may get another book.
Student identification badges are used as the library card. The student should always be wearing their name badge.
Students in Grades pre-K through 5 have a one week checkout period, while grades 6 through 8 have a 2 week checkout period. The checkout period corresponds to the scheduled class visits.

Book Club Books

Students and family members are invited to participate in our book club program by selecting a book from the book club shelves and donating it to the library. Celebrate a birthday or commemorate Graduations, First Communions, Confirmations or Anniversaries and help build our school library. Special bookplates are placed in the front of the book recognizing the occasion. The cost is $15.00 for each book you would like to donate. Book Club Forms were placed in your school packet and are also available in the school library and in the rack outside the school office.

Book Fair

We have at least one book fair each year. Every other year we have a used book sale. If you have gently used books we will take them for use in the library, or to save for our used book sale.

Overdue notices

Overdue notices are sent weekly via the school mail after a book is 2 weeks overdue. Parents will receive a call from the Incarnation Library once the child receives their 3rd overdue notice.

Lost books

If a book cannot be located the student is required to provide the replacement cost of the book. If the book is found and returned to the library before the end of the school year the replacement cost is refunded.

Please call the school librarian if you have any questions or concerns (433-1051 ext 142). Each week, try to remember to invite your child to sit with you and enjoy the book they have selected from the school library. We hope it will create lasting memories for you and your child.