Playground Countdown!

Building a Playground For the Next Generation!

55% of Family Participation as of 5/15/2023 – Goal is 100% Participation

Total raised as of 5/15/2023: $360,000

  • PTO paid a $50,000 deposit and $100,000 additional gift from successful 2022-23 events
  • Day of Giving and individual gifts have resulted in $204,000 to date
  • One grant received to date: $2,500
  • Catholic Organization Gift: $1,500
  • Employee Matching Gift: $2,000
  • Current playground is 15-23 years old
  • Life expectancy of a playground is 20-25 years
  • Originally sought repairs revealed larger problems
  • Significant drainage problems
  • Unseen damage under surface
  • Mulch degrades and washes away
    • Ruins clothing and shoes
    • Messy in school
  • Flats and other areas have coating worn away
  • Breakage
  • Safety elements to be included in new design
  • Current playground passes inspection but won’t in the near future
  • Planned for much smaller repairs but condition demands action for continued safety of children
  • Lead time is nine-twelve months
    • Timing for summer work
    • Planning ahead so we do not end up with a need to shut down the playground mid-year
  • Four bids were obtained
  • Chose PlayCare Playground Solutions
    • Catholic owned
    • Reputation with Catholic schools and organizations within Archdiocese
    • Received over a 30% discount due to being a Catholic School through their programming
  • PlayCare will complete the entire job
  • Demo is extensive – looked at other possibilities
  • Excavation to eight-ten feet to correct drainage
  • Back fill with substrate and soil
  • Solid surface installed vs. mulch
  • Concrete pathway surrounding the playground

All fund-raising goals for the school for the year will be to support funding for the new playground. The Crusader Club’s Day of Giving event on November 29 will focus solely on generating 100% family participation for financial support of the playground.

The school and parish are partnering to establish a Playground Committee, which will communicate with families and create opportunities for giving.

The PTO will provide the down payment for the project. All funds raised throughout the year that are over and above the PTO’s operational budget will be directed to the Playground Renovation efforts. This includes fundraising from: Crusader Classic, The FRY, The Crusader Club, and Day of Giving.

Lastly, there are many grants which will support playground improvements. We will be following all possible leads to seek out funding from supportive agencies.

  • Removal of old playground structure:                                            $18,000
  • Repair of drainage and rebuilding the foundation:                      $88,560
  • Install of new playground and structure:                                       $143,818
  • Install of new solid play surface:                                                      $100,800
  • Landscaping, concrete, and additional security features:           Estimated $45,000+

Additional Information:

  • All PTO Event Fund-Raising above $105,000 goes to the playground fund:
    • The FRY
    • Crusader Classic
    • Trivia Night
  • All donors to the playground fund are also Crusader Club members
  • Rosary Walk around playground: $25,000 Gift
  • Statue of Our Lady to watch over the playground: $15,000 Gift
  • Benches (5-6 Available) – $10,000 Gift
  • Large Flower Pots (5-6 Available) – $5,000 Gift
  • Name listed on a plaque on right side of statue base – $2,500 Gift
  • Name listed on a plaque on left side of statue base – $1,000 Gift
  1. You can follow this link to donate on our giving site:
  2. You can bring a check to school to the attention of Terri Conroy
  3. You can also contact Mike Hoendorf for additional options for giving.

Playground structures have a 20-25 year life expectancy, so investing now in the renovation for the playground creates a legacy for thousands of children yet to walk the halls of Incarnation School. Current parents may have futuregrandchildren who will become Crusaders and they will benefit from today’s investment. This is an opportunity for current families and sponsors to leave a lasting mark on the school through a much-needed improvement.

If you have questions or would like to speak more about the project, please contact:

Mike Hoendorf – Development Director

937-433-1188 x 212

You can also speak with a member of our Parent Leadership Team:

  • Bill and Kelly Uhl – Chair Couple
  • Chris and Liz Brill
  • Mike and Gretchen Farrell
  • John and Caitlin Krebs
  • Adam and Sarah Smith
  • Mike and Kate Vriner