Incarnation Junior High Program

Incarnation Junior High students, grades 7 and 8, fill their daily schedule with excellent teachers, challenging academics, and enriching electives as they acquire the organizational and academic skills necessary for success at the high school level and beyond. Differentiated math classes are offered from Pre-Algebra to Geometry. Students also develop a proficiency in implementation of the scientific method with the opportunity to participate in the science fair at the school, regional, and state levels. In addition to the more common electives, such as physical education and art, Incarnation offers other options, such as STEM, word clues, choir, band, and orchestra, to appeal to a variety of students. The Incarnation World Language Program, which includes French, German, and Spanish, provides daily, comprehensive instruction that is equivalent to Level I at secondary schools. Upon completion, qualified students are able to continue into Level II of their language as they enter their freshman year of high school. Along with Incarnation’s academically rigorous standards, students also have the chance to participate and lead in multiple clubs and competitions that can further their academic growth. Crusader Merit Society, the Optimist Club, and Mass Coordinators give students the opportunity to lead and serve simultaneously, while competitions such as the Brain Bowl, Optimist Speech, and the Ohio Math League allow for their academic excellence to shine. Most importantly, our students are encouraged to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, while they evaluate and grow in their faith through service, retreats, weekly Mass participation, leadership opportunities, and preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Our 8th grade coding class, learning to program drones!

Research being conducted in the Incarnation
Science Labs.