Welcome to Incarnation Catholic School! Our mission is to “follow in the footsteps of Jesus,” and all that we are emanates from this ideal. Community and service are the hallmarks of our school, and you have the opportunity to understand why this is so by reading this handbook with your children. Please take the time to read our Vision, Mission and Philosophy statements on page five.

The purpose of our school handbook is to provide a safe Christian environment and to enable all to be aware of the policies, procedures, and programs of Incarnation School. Since there is much information contained in this publication, I ask that all families sit together, and read the information carefully.

I encourage parents to become active participants in our school community by volunteering in some area. When parents become involved with their children’s school, the children as well as the school community benefit. May God’s blessing be with you and your families.

Yours in Christ

Leah Coghlan

“Live moment by moment, day by day and thank God for what you have been given.”
Sr. Candice Werner, CPPS
Principal 1963-1966
Incarnation School