During the spring of 2019, a questionnaire was distributed to the parishioners of the Church of the Incarnation. The questionnaire was available on the Incarnation app, and paper copies of the questionnaire were distributed at all of the Masses (see Appendix). A total of 1065 people completed at least some portion of the questionnaire (327 via the app and the remainder via the paper questionnaire). A broad base of parishioners, by age, by Mass attended, and by frequency of Mass attendance, participated in the survey. The large number of survey participants and the extensive comments written by the participants indicate that the Church of the Incarnation is a parish that many feel very deeply about.

The attached report provides a summary of the data collected in the survey. The report provides a summary analysis of each of the general issues addressed in the questionnaire. This summary analysis is followed by response frequency tables for each question following the order in which the questions appeared in the questionnaire. The report then provides selected cross-tabulations to provide additional insights into how various subsets of parishioners responded to specific questions. The questionnaire used to collect the data is attached as an Appendix.

Thank you for your participation in our survey!