The Kindergarten program is a planned part of the total educational program at Incarnation School. Incarnation’s program provides successful experiences based upon each child’s stage of development. In our nurturing environment, the foundation is laid for future social and academic skills. Incarnation School offers parents the choice of an all-day Kindergarten program. Children must be five by September 30th of the registration year.


The goals of the Kindergarten Program are to help the children:

  • learn about life through religious instruction;
  • learn to work and play together in a classroom environment;
  • develop and improve large and fine motor skills;
  • enhance and develop listening skills;
  • develop a love of learning;
  • experience success in learning in order to build a positive self- concept;
  • strengthen and develop the foundation for academic learning.


The Kindergarten Program at Incarnation School meets and exceeds all standards set by the state of Ohio and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. A fully developed curriculum is followed according to established guidelines. Differentiated instruction is provided through many and varied approaches including small group instruction, computer lab visits, and guided reading groups.

Language Arts, reading skills, and handwriting are taught through a phonics-based program. The children will participate in language activities which include phonics, letter and word recognition, and literature. Enrichment activities evolve from many favorite books. Kindergarten students will also be introduced to Spanish. Math is presented as a total “hands-on” experience. Children learn through the use of manipulatives and games. The Religion program involves classroom discussion, art projects, literature, and prayer activities to expand children’s experiences. Social Studies, Science and Health are taught through literature and hands-on activities.

Art is experienced to enhance content understanding and allow for creative expression. Music and physical education teachers provide instruction appropriate for Kindergarten children. Children also attend computer classes. The instruction includes the use of computers as well as programs that reinforce the Kindergarten curriculum. Students visit the library weekly, where they listen to a story and check out books. Each child brings a healthy snack to school in compliance with the primary department snack policy.

Each Kindergarten child has a 4th grade buddy. The “Buddies” share special time and projects throughout the school year. The Kindergarten teachers work with the children to present two musical programs for the parents (at Christmas and in May). Volunteers are utilized as Homeroom Parents, Masterworks presenters, computer helpers, and other special activities both in and out of the classroom. Frequent newsletters are sent home to keep you up-to-date regarding classroom progress and events. This is in addition to the regular monthly newsletter sent home from the school.