Intermediate 1 Program


3rd Grade Overview

Third grade is an exciting year for our students to grow spiritually and academically. They learn to become more independent while following in the footsteps of Jesus.

The spiritual emphasis in third grade focuses on the four Marks of the Catholic Church. The children will also learn about the different Sacraments, many influential Saints, and how to be true disciples of Jesus. Our Reading curriculum focuses on skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, identifying the main parts of the story, decoding skills, and phonics. The third grade reader provides a variety of fiction and nonfiction stories, and is also supplemented with novels and Reader’s Theater. Our language arts program emphasizes both grammar and writing. In grammar, they will study sentences, parts of speech, punctuation, and capitalization. Our focus in writing is on the six writing traits. During third grade Math class, our students learn how to add and subtract larger numbers, work with fractions, measurement, graphing, and how to multiply and divide. Difficult concepts will be taught using manipulatives in order to meet the varied learning styles of the children. The students have fun learning about citizenship, being active consumers and producers, and respecting and knowing ethnic heritage in our Social Studies curriculum. They develop map skills and do in depth studies of Australia and Antarctica. The third grade Science curriculum is taught in thematic units. The focus is on astronomy, physics, weather, geology, and zoology. They have the opportunity to complete projects, conduct research, and complete experiments. We review all the cursive letters and by the middle of third grade our students will be writing in cursive for all subject areas. Not only do they get to go to our beautiful computer lab to learn keyboarding, but each student is assigned their own I-pad to use during class.

Special activites for our third graders include: Masterworks, Field Day, COSI on wheels, the Boonshoft Museum, Victoria Theater, Muse Machine, and our Centerville walk.

2017/2018 packets coming soon!

4th Grade Overview

Fourth grade is a year to grow and become independent and responsible. The fourth grade teachers feel this is the perfect grade to instill the values and principles that will last a lifetime – academically, spiritually, and socially.

Religion classes focus on learning about the Rosary, the Beatitudes and the Commandments. Major units concentrate on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and Social Justice. These studies link to daily living experiences. Reading emphasizes comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. Students utilize a basic reader and several novel units. Fourth grade Social Studies revolves around the study of the regions of the United States and Ohio history. Students focus on geography, climate, and natural resources. Science classes discuss the study of natural sciences with the inclusion of the study of the environment, ecosystems, biomes, and animal characteristics. Health in the fourth grade attends to the study of nutrition and diseases. Math class masters geometry, double digit multiplication & division, decimals and fractions, and the addition and subtraction of large numbers. Fluency for computation is stressed for all 4 basic operations. Grammar and creative writing (includes publication) are stressed in English. Spelling is developed through phonetic word patterns, vocabulary words, challenge words, and the spelling of all 50 states and capitals.

Special activities for fourth graders include: Kindergarten Buddies, Performing Group, Orchestra, Authors’ Tea, and performing the Stations of the Cross.

2017/2018 packets coming soon!