Fr. Brian Phelps

Pastor of Our Lady of Light Family of Parishes

Mrs. Ashley Dorow

Grade 1

Mrs. Amanda Feldmann

Grade 2

Mrs. Jennifer Brown

Preschool 4

Mrs. Ashlee Carter

Reading and Math Specialist

Mrs. Kimberly Cavanaugh


Mrs. Emily Bauer

Grade 5

Mrs. Leah Coghlan


Mrs. Colleen Auble

6th Grade Science and Broadcast News

Mrs. Teri Borton

Technology Preschool – 1st Grade

Mrs. Kate Beck

Grade 4

Mrs. Jennifer Frazee

Grade 3

Mrs. Julie Landwehr

6th Grade Social Studies and English

Mrs. Valerie Henry

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Alison Wike

Physical Education Grades 3rd-8th

Mrs. Suzie Kreusch

Special Events Coordinator

Mrs. Stephanie Reynoso

6th/7th/8th/ Grade Math and Educational Support

Mrs. Jenice Perito

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Cathy Sciarretti

6th/7th Grade Religion

Mrs. Carolyn Shockey


Mrs. Ashley Cable

Grade 2

Mrs. Angela Streby


Mrs. Kathryn Gallagher

Grade 2

Ms. Jordan Trenkamp

6th Grade Math/7th Grade Science

Mrs. Corrie Weckesser

6th/7th Grade Math

Mrs. Kendall Koehler '03

Grade 1

Mrs. Lois Clond


Mrs. Erin Bade

7th Grade Social Studies and 8th Grade Writing

Mrs. Mandy Mauro

Educational Aide

Mrs. Angela Ireton

Reading/Math Specialist

Mr. Jacob Christy

Preschool 4

Mrs. Coleen Petrello '80

Grade 4

Mrs. Helen Ellis-Jauch


Mrs. Megan Martin

Grade 3

Mrs. Kristen Erickson

Asst. Principal for Student Success

Ms. Carly Higgins

Invention Specialist

Mrs. Amanda Ooten '00

Vice Principal of Curriculum and Assessment

Mr. Charlie Cromer

7th/8th Grade Theater

Ms. Catherine Hart '15


Mrs. Ana Berling

7th Grade Religion 7th/8th Grade Spanish

Mrs. Debbie Kroger

504 Coordinator

Ms. Carolyn Kepler

Grade 5

Mrs. Dawn Lekan

Grade 1

Mrs. Jennifer Noward

Grade 2

Mrs. Andreanna O’Leary

Grade 3

Mrs. Jenifer Scheimann

Grade 4

Ms. Julie Keck

Extended Day Director

Mrs. Megan Kreusch '04

Grade 5

Mr. Daniel Dunn

Director of Campus Ministry

Mrs. Kathy Raucci

Educational Aide

Ms. Ashley Waker

Grade 4

Mr. Robert Cornwell

7th/8th Grade English and Writing

Mrs. Julie Patch

Reading and Math Specialist

Mrs. Beth McKenna

Educational Aide

Mrs. Anna Wasik

Grade 3

Mrs. Laura Lekan

Grade 1

Mrs. Cassie Garison

Junior High

Mrs. Mindi Craft

7th Grade English/Reading/Writing

Mrs. Marty Patton

Educational Aide

Ms. Claire Schuermann


Mrs. Jessica Reed

Grade 2

Mrs. Laura Senkiw

Director of Admissions

Mrs. Deanne McNeil

Director of Technology

Mrs. Erika Ellis

7th/8th Grade Social Studies

Mrs. Christine Trombley

Early 5's

Mrs. Jennifer Pothast

Auxiliary Administrative Assistant

Ms. Allison Vernier

Grade 2

Mrs. Amy McDonald

Librarian and Writing Specialist

Mrs. Theresa Aiena

Technology Support

Mrs. Sarah Horner

Educational Aide

Mrs. Gretchen Parker

Physical Education Preschool-2nd Grade

Mrs. Terri Conroy

School Business Manager

Mrs. Julie Pullins

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Gabrielle Gum

Reading/Broadcast News

Mrs. Becky Miller '76

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Allison Stanley

Speech Language Pathologist

Mrs. Kathleen Rizer


Mrs. Margaret Yohe

Educational Aide

Mrs. Rebecca Suhr


Mrs. Lindsay Kearns

German Teacher

Mrs. Kelley Recob

State Scholarship Coordinator

All school employees must complete both manual and an electronic background check at time of  employment. The electronic background check is done through SELECTION.COM. All employees must be in full compliance with the Decree on Child Protection including completing Virtus training and stay current on monthly bulletins.  All licensed school employees must have Ohio Department of Education certification and current fingerprinting.