Car Rider Plan

Please read these guidelines carefully.

The attached Incarnation Campus site plans will help your children to arrive and depart from school safely when you
are driving them to school. We strongly recommend that children ride busses when it is feasible, but if it is not, we
will help them to be safe while entering or exiting their cars.


  • Do not go over 10 miles per hour on our parking lot!
  • Pull into a parking space to finalize the seat belts of your children.
  •  Back up carefully during arrival and departure times.
  • When it is raining, have consideration for the caretakers who are willing to stand in the rain to make sure
    your children are safe. Pull up to the stopping zone.
  • Avoid cutting through parking spaces to get to another location, because there is a possibility that children
    may be walking or running between parked cars. Follow the lanes.
  • Do not use the drive between the Parish Office and the Rectory during morning drop off or
    afternoon pick up. This space is reserved for busses.

Please note the following for MORNING ARRIVAL:

  • There are “Safety Zones” and no cars are to park or drive in these areas.
  • ③ is an area behind the Church and near the north wing of school where parents may park if they prefer to
    walk children to school.
  • ①② These are two lanes where parents may not park during the drop off and pick up times. Both lanes
    MUST BE ONE WAY ONLY: IN during morning drop off and OUT during afternoon dismissal.
  • If you see Lanes ① or ② backed up, please go to the lane with the least amount of cars to provide a safer
    arrival for your children.
  • ① Lane One will take drivers to the Parish Center Parking lot, and leads to the Park entrance and exit and
    Route 48. Follow the arrows to avoid Church traffic.
  • ② Lane Two will take drivers to the lane behind Church and to Williamsburg Lane.
  • Do not drive in or near the areas where busses drop off children which includes the lane between
    the Parish Office and the Rectory.

Please note the following for AFTERNOON DEPARTURE:

  • For Car Pick-up:
    o DO NOT BLOCK THE PARK ENTRANCE OR EXIT! All Incarnation traffic must be parked on our lot.
    o Pull up as cars move forward, and zigzag between the parked cars as others are doing.
    o Please display your family-name card in the front window of your car.
    o Do not arrive before 2:45, which is ½ hour before the school day ends at 3:15 p.m., and car rider
    departure time begins. Please be here to pick up by 3:30 p.m. at the latest.
  • For Walk-Up Door:
    o Students will not be dismissed until 3:15pm. The Centerville Police and Traffic Supervisor have
    strongly suggested this delay to enhance student safety.
    o Parents must have their family-name card so their child(ren) can be dismissed. If someone other
    than parents regularly pick-up, please request an additional family-name card.

Remember that our focus is on the children’s safety!