The role of the Mass Server is to assist the Priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. This ministry is open to boys and girls in grades four through twelve. 

 Training sessions are held at the end of April each year. 

Young people may join at any time during the year. If your child is interested in becoming a Mass Server, please complete the Mass Server Volunteer Form that is available in our app’s Forms Catalog which can be accessed from the Main Menu of the App.

Then, a parent of the server should join our app’s Mass Server Group available to join from the App User Profile under the Choose Content section. Every two months or so, an app form is sent out to parents of mass servers that have joined the app’s Mass Server Group. This app form allows parents to choose which Masses their child will serve for the next two month period. For those who do not complete the form, their child will be assigned mass from the remaining available slots.

Mass Server schedules are published through our Parish App approximately every two months.

You will find more detailed information concerning becoming a Mass Server including Parish Staff contact information on our Church of the Incarnation Parish App.