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Incarnation Alumni News

July 9, 2020 marked a day most 8th grade students at Incarnation won’t forget. Graduation Day stands out as a momentous occasion in a student’s advancement to the next level of education. As the year came to a close, numerous awards were presented and many students were recognized for their achievements and talents. Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2020!

      1. Pay It Forward Grant
        1. Eric Lopper
      1. Alter Scholars Grant
        1. Alexander Burkardt
        1. Chelsea Hoskins
          Diya Percy
      1. Alter Legacy Scholarship
        1. Ellie Eckenrode
          Danny Mahoney
      1. Kenneth Quinter Family Arts Scholarship
        1. Sophia Shenk
      1. Knights Council Leadership Award
        1. Makayla Pindroh
      1. Lee Otero Scholarship
        1. Eric lopper
      1. Staubel Scholarship
        1. Nicholas Miller
    1. PTO Scholarship
        1. Diya Percy
        2. Samuel Cella
    1. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Scholarship
        1. Diya Percy
    1. Fr. Stretch Mierenfeld Service Award
        • Sophia Shenk
        • Diya Percy
        • Makayla Pindroh
        • Alex Burkhardt
        • Lauren Berry
    1. Kallaher Christian Fellowship Award
        • Kaitlyn Gump
        • Evan Tharp

 Chaminade-Julienne Scholarship of Ministry and Service

Kaitlyn Berry

Kyrstin Schilens

Father Krusling Placement Scholarship – Fenwick High School

Samuel Cella