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Dear Class of 2021,
The last fifteen months have been tough – from finishing your 7th grade year at home, to distancing and wearing masks throughout your 8th grade year, we’ve seen a lot of unexpected moments. One quality that I know you have exhibited throughout these months has been grit, or perseverance.
It’s been tough and challenging, but you have persevered. Remember this as you go forward in life – you will find the strength when life gets tough and you will triumph. Try to find the silver linings – it can be hard, but look for them. Those nuggets will keep the hope alive and keep you moving forward.
The road ahead will be full of curves, bumps, highs, and lows – keep the faith and remember that you are a Crusader for Christ. You will do wonderful things, and you will go wonderful places, and I, for one, cannot wait to see how your journey unfolds.

Pay It Forward Grant
Joseph Doorley

Alter Scholars Grant
Kaylen Bernecker

The Michael J Grant
Channing Hawes

The Tom Nikolai Scholarship Grant
Julia Orlando

Knights Council Leadership Award
Vincent Purcell

The Jan Stauble Scholarship
Grady Tabar

Monsignor Breslin Tuition Grant
Vincent Purcell

PTO Scholarship
Kaylen Bernecker
Mollie Juniewicz-Skill
T.J. Kreusch

Elizabeth Ann Seaton Scholarship
Julia Orlando

Fr. Stretch Mierenfeld Service Award
Gretchen Darnieder
T.J. Kreusch
Kathryn Mershad
Sophie Rush

Father Fallaher Christian Fellowship Award
Mary Klene
Vincent Purcell

Falcon Talent Scholarship – Fenwick High School
Sophie Rush