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Welcome from our Principal

Welcome to Incarnation Catholic School

"A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence"

Why Choose a Catholic School?

“How are Catholic schools different from the public or other private schools?”

Visitors of Incarnation Catholic School frequently ask the above question, and my first response is to share the elements of our character education program – a 2,000 year old program that is based on the Gospel Message of Jesus. The elements of our faith and the formation of spiritual wisdom nurture a focused mission that is a vocational gift for educators and a life-enriching gift for children.

A successful school is a business with a clear mission that is not just beautifully worded; it is beautifully active. As a non-profit business, our “product” is not found in material goods, but rather in the spiritual and academic growth of children. The mission for Catholic schools is to provide a strong academic program with life-skills that place our children on the footpaths of Jesus. But how do we enact this mission?

The mission of Catholic schools to teach as Jesus did was clarified by the American bishops in their 1972 Pastoral Message on Catholic Education (National Conference of Catholic Bishops). When we hold to high standards the academic achievement of our children and then immerse it in a culture of Catholic faith, we become the hands of God. With this focus, we can create an innovative curriculum based on opportunities, competence, and commitment. The attributes of effective curricular programs found in Catholic schools include:

  • A clearly stated and sanctioned Catholic mission
  • A safe, disciplined, and welcoming environment
  • Strong, faith-filled, caring leaders, including: the pastor and associates, principal and staff, parents and parishioners
  • Recruitment, development, and retention of excellent teachers who consider teaching as a vocational calling and a ministry
  • High expectation for success coupled with consistent academic excellence
  • An innovative curricular program that emerges from continuous improvement and ongoing missionary service
  • Careful monitoring and communication of student progress through authentic assessments

Is it enough to educate well? Providing a quality education based on the Gospel’s 2,000 year old character program is a work of salvation by itself. To provide our students with schools steeped in the mission of our Catholic faith is to do God’s work.

Cheryl Reichel, Ph.D.
Principal, Incarnation Catholic School

Dr. Cheryl Reichel PhD

"Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes. He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students."

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