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Welcome From Our Pastor

Welcome From Our Pastor

Dear Parishioners,
Welcome to Incarnation School. I am very proud of our school and believe that we have an opportunity to provide your children with an excellent Catholic Faith-based education. At the baptism of each child, parents are reminded of their responsibilities to provide for the faith education of their children. As the Baptismal Rite says, "You are the first teachers of your child in the ways of faith. May you be the best of teachers, bearing witness to the faith by what you say and do." We take very seriously our commitment to help you in the education of your children. We have an excellent faculty and staff who have committed themselves to support you in the education of your children.

I ask that you be involved in our parish and school as we work together in this process. Please see that you worship at Mass with us each week and help to teach your children that the source of our strength as Catholics comes from the Eucharist that we share each week.

I am grateful to each of you and all of our parishioners who have sacrificed so much through the years to provide us with the beautiful facilities and excellent resources that we have to educate our children.

May we have a great school year! I pray that this school year might be a year of growth for all of us as we journey through it together.

Fr. Stretch

Fr. Lawrence Mierenfield
Incarnation Catholic Church

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