Incarnation Alumni News

May 21, 2018 marked a day most 8th grade students at Incarnation won’t forget. Graduation Day stands out as a momentous occasion in a student’s advancement to the next level of education. As the year came to a close, numerous awards were presented and many students were recognized for their achievements and talents. Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2018!:

      Pay It Forward Grant
        Chris Mohler

      Alter Scholars Grant
        Vince Arnold
        Daniel Parilo
        Grace Vollmar

      Alter Legacy Scholarship
        Anna Kate Mahoney

      Kenneth Quinter Family Arts Scholarship
        Alysha Theisen

      Knights Council Leadership Award
        Ashley Fortman
        Mike Lantz

      Knights of Columbus Scholarship
        Elisabeth Collins

      PTO Scholarship
        Lily Bradley
        Joey Gulas
        Shawn Monteiro
        Alysha Theisen

      Breslin Scholarship
        Austin Montgomery

      Fr. Stretch Mierenfeld Service Award
        Alex Smith
        Arlette Mershad
        Spencer Mills
        Grace Hayden

      Fr. Kallaher Christian Fellowship Award
        Ashley Fortman
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